SKA will transform the field of planet formation and the astrophysical conditions for life. The key, and unique observational contributions from the SKA will be: high-resolution/high-sensitivity radio continuum observations to understand the growth of solids and the disk dissipation processes, and sensitive spectral line radio observations to constrain the evolution of the heavy (complex organic) molecules in the process leading to the formation of planetary biospheres (Codella et al. 2015b, Testi et al. 2015a).

Our groups are carrying out complementary observational programs with ALMA, VLA, LBT and VLT, laboratory experiments and complex physical and chemical modeling efforts to prepare for SKA science since several years. The italian community has gained a prominent international role in this field in the last few years, this PRIN program will allow us to consolidate our standing and leadership role in the preparation of the SKA Key Programmes and ultimately ensure that the Italian community will make the best scientific use of its investments in the SKA project.