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Costellazione Manga:

We partnered with the Costellazione Manga project (by D. dall’Olio, Chalmers University of Technology, and P. Ranalli, Lund University, Sweden; for dissemination of the GENESIS-SKA activities to the general public. In this framework we organised the final Notti d’estate conference in Arcetri on Sept. the 4th (a great success with 150 attending people) and a specilists’ workshop for educators, teachers and interested people ( at the world famous event Lucca Comics & Games on Nov. the 2nd(15 participants, i.e. the maximum number set by the host). Both these events are important because they reached a non conventional audience, as they attracted people with very varied background and interests. Such event has been reported also by national edition of La Repubblica(“Tutti a lezione di stelle dal professor Goldrake” by Laura Montanari, 02/11/2018).


May 2018 - Pint of Science 2018, Palermo: "L' Universo in una Scatola", A. Ciaravella

June 2018 - JEDI meeting. Protoplanetary disks, Roma: “How did life begin? A unique opportunity for science outreach in GENESIS – SKA project context” C. Boccato, A. Zanazzi, I. Chinnici, S. Pastore, F. Bacciotti, C. Codella, and the GENESIS team

July 2018 - Notti d’Estate Arcetri: “La danza degli atomi nello spazio: la vita inscritta nel tessuto dell’Universo?” C. Ceccarelli, C. Codella, Notti d’Estate in Arcetri

September 2018 – European Planetary Society Congress, Berlin: “How did life begin? A unique opportunity for science outreach in the context of the Genesis-SKA project” A. Zanazzi, C. Boccato, I. Chinnici, S.Pastore, F. Bacciotti, Claudio Codella and the SKA- GENESIS team

October 2018 – Smart&Technology days 2018 Città della Scienza, Napoli: “Nuovi Occhiali per esplorare l’universo” S. Varano e A. Zanazzi;.

October 2018 – Smart&Technology days 2018 Città della Scienza, Napoli: “Come esploreremo l’universo con il più grande radiotelescopio del mondo. Attività per le scuole nell’ambito dei progetti SKA dell’Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica” A. Zanazzi e C. Boccato.

December 2018 (submitted) - The II National Workshop of SKA science and technology, Bologna: “GENESIS-SKA outreach: how to catch general public, how to engage business”C. Boccato, S. Pastore, A. Zanazzi, I. Chinnici, S. Pastore, M.T. Fulco, C. Codella, and the SKA-GENESIS team